Why eSthetiKa gifts . . .

Most of us often look for unique and authentic gifts for special occasions but what we get in shops is duplicate of  mass produced items.

What you see in this site are hand-made and are one of a kind.  No two pieces are the same!! 

Once the Epoxy Resin is mixed, poured and embellished with micro pearl powder, fairy/holographic glitter, flakes, foils, rhinestones, etc, Epoxy Resin settles in its own natural pattern during the curing process. These products dry up as a very glossy, tough, and durable work of art with mesmerising appeal.

After trying out various epoxy resins, the one that works best for my projects with its crystal clear look, strength and durability is by Norski of Plimmerton, Wellington.

Even though cured epoxy is non-toxic, these have not yet been tested as food-contact safe. So its highly recommended that you use a liner on the cake stands and platters and do not put your food directly on the cured surface.

These items are handmade with lots of passion and thought. And make stylish gifts for all occasions. 

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